How to choose the right roof box?

Practical for transporting your belongings, the roof box is an ideal car accessory for long journeys, holidays or a move.

A roof box for extra storage space

Depending on the vehicle model, storage space may be insufficient, especially for the preparation of a special occasion such as a summer holiday. Suitable for all types of cars, the roof box is a viable and functional solution to increase storage space without encroaching on the space reserved for passenger seats.

The specific features of a good roof box to better choose it
Before focusing on a particular model, it is important to determine the dimensions of the roof box according to the volume of effects to be stored. Between 200 and 250 litres, short trunks are particularly suitable for city cars. For transporting bulky objects, such as a pair of skis or a stroller, the long models are more practical. Mixed safes are an equally reliable intermediate solution.

It is also necessary to look at the opening system for safe handling. This can be centralised and equipped on both sides so that the user can always remain on the pavement when loading or unloading. Whether it is a folding or soft roof box, a total load of 75 kg should not be exceeded for full control of the vehicle and moderate fuel consumption. In this logic, an aerodynamic design also reduces air resistance.

  1. Roof bag/box

Perfectly waterproof and UV-resistant, the Zacro soft roof box (112 x 86 x 43 cm) has eight tightening belts for optimal support above the passenger compartment. The general structure adapts to the shape of the luggage in order to avoid unoccupied spaces. It is recommended for medium-sized suitcases.

  1. Foldable roof box

The Thule folding roof box (110 x 80 x 40 cm) has a low space requirement. Easy to assemble, it is equipped with a reinforced zipper and sealed seams to support a maximum load of 50 kg. Its height varies from 15 to 80 cm depending on the volume of luggage to be stored.

  1. Sailnovo roof bag

Available for storing 420 to 580 litres of luggage, the Sailnovo roof bag has six straps, plastic buckles and a carrying handle. The water-repellent properties of its material make it safe to use even in wet weather. After use, this roof box folds up for easy storage.

  1. Soft roof box

Considered as a cheap roof box, this flexible model by Aoafun has advantageous dimensions: 120 x 22 x 95 cm. Ideal for carrying an average volume of extra luggage. Maintained by straps, it is distinguished by the waterproofness of the fabric, the fasteners and the opening system.

  1. Green Valley Glossy Roof Box

With a volume of 450 litres, the glossy Green Valley roof box is made of polystyrene. Its aerodynamic shape minimizes air resistance. Capable of supporting a load of 50 kg, this roof box is equipped with a double lock to ensure luggage protection.

Available in different volumes and designs, the roof box is a practical, easy-to-install and durable car accessory. Easily found second-hand, the roof box is an excellent solution because it is inexpensive. In addition, it is weatherproof and, if necessary, the flexible models can be folded for storage.